Thursday, 17 July 2014

Why I'm asking for #jobFACTS ON FRIDAY

Im asking for people to tweet using #jobFACTS on Friday 18th July , this could be a one off or repeated. That depends on anyone, its a free world.

What I am thinking on this is theres LOADS of DWP and Govt spin on a fantastic jobs market, reductions in youth unemployment, record numbers in work etc etc.

Is this felt at local levels? Are your papers full of zero hour contracts? How are you excluded from work? Many many questions, or indeed statements of fact can be launched via this hashtag.
Also : upcoming redundancies? How many do you know about? can you tell people?
Do you see how open this can be?

Its a truth versus spin exercise.

Shall we see how people feel at the ground level via a twitter exercise?

Many think we should, and several already said theyd input to it.

Will you tweet #jobFACTS on friday 18th july?

I hope you can.

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