Saturday, 19 July 2014

From an Arse On A Sofa , using fingers and brain...

Cant get out on me crutches due to broken foot, broken ankle. 

Am missing the outside . 

And rueing having the crutches. 

Usually walk is good. 

AND at mo have to have someone else 

walk my dog. 

Fatigue gets me, and bowels usually a pain, 

but now Having all that AND  now a big set back ,  

 I can see inconvienience FAR FAR more.

Often people dont like these REVELATIONS from people,

 im not glorying a SUDDEN UNDERSTANDING,

 Im saying something that many dont realise,

and that is theres never anything you can understand 

trully regardless of empathy, 

 unless it affects you. 

In the last two weeks Ive seen far more than ever

how the world is so geared for getting about via two working feet and legs. 

Personally. I thought I knew and understood, 

humbly I didnt understand enough.

Regardless of fatigue times, bowel issues, previous muscle injuries, etc....

this is incredibly different and I now do. 

 There are many in disabled community that would dismiss this statement as crass....

It isnt.

YES , i cant get out at all at moment because stairs,

 and on the outside theres little enough stuff to hold on to.

Solidarity in mobility matters is enhanced

now welded, now forever in my soul ,

am I gushing? No, is this crass? NO . 

its truth 


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