Saturday, 21 June 2014

The one where I... oh just read it..

Yet again the main stream media ignore vox populi.

There are other countries where this has happened prior to civil war,

But I'm not suggesting that will happen in good old blighty.

Last summer there were huge events domestically ignored , well ignored may not be true. Nodded at possibly.

Today fifty thousand people on the ground and many more that couldn't attend were unified in a protest regarding draconian ideology of austerity.

Fifty thousand is estimate. They were in the nations capital.

How this is not a televisual news event when they started off from outside the BBC I am confused at.

Mooting that this government has silenced the media over disagreement to it's fiscal failures and what a lot of people call deliberate removal of all government social duty to citizens.... I honestly can't say if that is true.

But I remember Thatcher times when protest was televised and news worthy.

I ask what's changed?
There is discomfort, and some say great annoyance even anger, that vox populi is excluded from television screens.

Token reporting on internet does not a balanced media reporting make.

Shall I think, or write more on this paradigm shift born from current government that many see as a possible deliberate effort from them to make it appear All is well in this Jerusalem?

I probably won't. For conjecture isn't my favourite thing.

I do feel though there is an agenda existant that history will find abhorrent.


  1. Those in the BBC who consider themselves the voice of the people are now afraid of the people or controlled by an elite power who consider themselves to be more worthy than the people. These are strange and dangerous events unfolding for all to see & understand. Be not afraid ! These are not your masters merely controlled puppets elected by no one.

  2. Contrast this with the 40,000 strong Pro-fox-killing, idiot Cuntryside march extensive coverage and you see where the news editors' heads are at -

    Let no one ever be fooled that the news is about you getting the facts... It is a pro-establishment "infotainment" tool, always has been, always will be.
    and when, in 1984, the editors rejigged the footage of Miners's being assaulted by police at Orgreave, in order to make it look like the miners attacked the police first - they gave away exactly how far they are prepared to go (outright lying in film footage) to rig the news to suit that establishment...

  3. the staff at the beeb are sold on the " recovery meme" mostly due to their own property investments , hence their aversion to reporting "austerity" though I would be content if they would just stop using the words "we" "our" and "us" and spare us their pretence of any familiarity .