Monday, 16 June 2014

Next DWP questions session in Parliament 23rd June

I emailed my MP re attending 23rd DWP questions

Hello Sir Gerald
I note you didnt attend Sheila Gilmore Mps debate this evening on assessment delays. I can understand that your schedules may have not permitted.

I would request, as a constituent, that you try to attend DWP questions on 23rd.

There is a huge void between what is being said by DWP, and what is actually happening. And many injustices I'm sure you have in your case files.

There are numerous issues with that department that im sure you are very aware of.

Your input to the debate on 23rd would be extremely valuable to many constituents in Gorton , and I know very well you know area demographics.

I hope your health is as well as can be, and lodge this request respectfully to you.

Many Thanks

Jules ((redacted address))


You can write to yours in your words

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