Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Personal Advisor Interview

Apart from being just over a mile walk, the interview was as sweet as it was embarrassing for the advisor and myself.

Having to do another synopsis of my illnesses was draining mentally.

I also had to remember dates of various exams.

The thing is people, the advisor was very understanding.

She also said usually I should... But I won't. On three occasions.
She also said unless rules change I shouldn't be called in until after next wca , due about may time, unless rules change.

We briefly talked on an aside issue too, that of her not really understanding medical stuff, making it hard, but not impossible to work on wrag issues,
and kindly suggested should I want to if wrag awarded next time to appeal for support group award.
She said with info you just have just given me I don't think theres any point causing distress and possible benefit and health issues by referring and suggesting you opt into workfare. This would be rather inappropriate.

So people, thats what happened in brief.

Oh.. There was a shake of hands at end too, which was unexpected.

A very nice lady.



  1. Most people I know working for the civil service do generally care, bearing in mind they also get a raw deal from this current government.

    Can't really hold the grunts on the ground responsible for the policies of this government.

    1. I actually met her three or four years ago on a support interview on incapacity benefit. She remembered me. Was amazed.

  2. sounds like a nice lady, sometimes a little empathy goes a long way.

  3. NINE MONTHS from my WCA i find, via my MP that atos gave me twelve points, and DWP added another 8. STILL dont know what for or why it happened. Apart from DWP found missed info on my ESA form.

  4. Some are ok,I got 3 year Esa support without medical. Even told my chances of me working in what's left of my life is "nil or next to zero" even told at renewal it will just be a phone call (unless rules change of course)