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The good news is that the council have found a lovely flat for me and my husband. It is affordable, on one level and is wheelchair ready should I need one indoors in the future. It even has a garden, so the dog will be happy. The bad news is that I am starting to worry whether either of us will survive the impossibly physically exhausting packing process and having our totally bonkers but very enthusiastic ADHD son organising the physical move of all our worldly goods. After the move on Monday, we will be without internet access for a while, so I won't be around.
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    • Jules Real Clarke Good luck. What area so we may try and get you some help? Sure there'll be some group member who can try and sort something out?
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    • Jules Real Clarke Great News By The Way!
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    • Sheila Scoular Thanks Jules. I should be mad with excitement but there seems to be loads still to do, so I'm too tense to be enjoying as yet. If my lad delivers on time with the van and plentiful help to shift everything we'll be fine. It's just that he is SO unreliable as a rule, that it is a concern. He can have all the best intentions in the world, but is easily distracted and waylaid.
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    • Jules Real Clarke You want help shout here. 5 admins here, with this and twitter .....
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    • Jules Real Clarke Housing is my thing hun , often people forget that ! LOL
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    • Sheila Scoular Thanks. I love this group.
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    • Loraine Hardy I hate moving, I like it when its done but the actual process stresses me out. I turn into a control freak who wants everything to be perfect lol If you need some help just let us know where you are and we'll do our best to get someone to you :) Even if its just someone to man the kettle while you do the important stuff.
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    • Sheila Scoular My son has told us that on the day we won't have to lift a finger. It should all go smoothly, as long as he turns up. He works for a firm who do office moves, so they will be bringing the works van and his mates from work. So they'll be used to shifting stuff and will save us a fortune. I'll just be happy when I see the van roll up on Monday.
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    • Adam Lotun Wda Don't forget to buy him a bucket of KFC just before he starts unloading...
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    • Sheila Scoular He has an appetite like nothing I have ever seen before. Probably because he's never still. I grew up with 3 brothers and my dad used to say feeding them was like trying satisfy a pack of hungry wolves - but they were nothing like him.;-)
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    • Jules Real Clarke A four pack each and it'll be a scream hun.
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    • Jules Real Clarke I'm sure I speak for Karen too, she has relaxed for the evening after an awesome housing day, but if she was here she'd wish you well too. And Patti would wish you well too. Thats all the admins hun. Shout if we can try and find you any help.
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    • Sheila Scoular Thanks everyone. I'll let you know how it went when I get re-connected to Broadband - eventually.
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