Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Bullies at Their Very Worst.

I have the great pleasure of speaking to many people on line and in person.
Speaking to John , he recounted to me a situation where there seems absolutely NO SENSE OF JUSTICE.

We all want fairness.

I give you his recounting of a situation that has shocked me to the core. Mistreatment doesnt describe whats gone on here.

GUEST BLOG - From John 14th August 2011.

Dear Jules.

I have a friend, born with severe Spina Bifida. (I will tell you a little bit about the situation she is currently in)

She has half a leg, (the other amputated last year), an extremely curved spine,and many other health issues as a result, she is now mid 40s.
She is fiercely independent! Has her own house and actually held down a job until 2006. Remember that year!! 

She is confined permanently to a wheelchair, and as well as the problems already mentioned, suffers many others due to her condition. 

She is TOTALLY dependent upon her Electric Wheelchair for mobility and is a familiar sight around town. 

Her wheelchair is adapted to accommodate the huge curve of her spine and allows her a degree of comfort, and also to look at you when chatting. 
(see later, she doesnt have this chair at the moment due to horrific circumstances)

When able to She has a wicked sense of humour! 

BUT Last year she almost died after her wheelchair fell off the edge of the tram platform in Manchester City Centre - an accident.

As a result she suffered serious head injuries, kidney damage and other injuries that led to the amputation of her leg. 

She also then spent many weeks in ITU before she began to recover. However, she has battled back.

Friday12th August 2011, she received a letter, which I have read this Saturday evening. 

The letter is from the DWP, in it, the letter bluntly states, 'Your Income Support has been stopped as of now'. It then says; 'we wish to see ALL your payslips since 28/8/09!            Remember the year now, 2006? 
This poor sod has NOT had any job since 2006!!! FFS! 

The letter goes on to say;
'There is NO APPEAL against this decision'    

She hasn't worked since 2006, how in God's name does she produce payslips from a non-existent job??? What is she supposed to live on?? THIS IS THE REAL FACE OF CAMERON'S 'BIG SOCIETY'

And secondly...

On top of this, I am talking about, bluntly, 'half a person' because that's all there IS! 

Coupled with this they have recently just refused to replace the old, wrecked, wheelchair, unless she accepts the 'Harris' (cheapest) model, which has a RIGID back! This forces her into a forward bent position, that is both agonising, undignified & leaves her off balance, unable to look at you and depressed! 

She struggles incredibly hard in a non powered chair. 

When she said, to her SOCIAL WORKER & PHYSIOTHERAPIST she needs power to enable her to carry her own shopping, they told her, 'THAT'S ALL THERE IS'.....!! 

I'm an ashamed EX-Tory voter!


  1. I would suggest that your friend contacts the Citizens Advice Bureau about this. Disability charities also have people who can give advice.

    Also, her local MP should be able to take up the matter with the DWP.

    The best thing for her to do is to draw on as much support as possible.

    I wish her good luck.

  2. Absolutely disgusting and the human face of what we all know is going on but many choose to ignore and turn away from. Fight this injustice for all your worth, don't ever give in, ever.

  3. This is unbelievably horrible.

    I suggest your friend present herself at the local job centre, explain the situation, and - this is the key point - take a photographer from the local paper. Any local hack would leap on this kind of story, and the glare of publicity will scare the shit out of them.

  4. Yes I would definitely recommend the newspaper like John said. If you have not done this already, because it won't look good for them, and help you get what you rightfully need.

    Someone posted something that was deemed unacceptable in our local paper some months ago. And not long after it did go in paper, they were treated as they should have been originally. So newspapers certainly work.

    You should not have had to suffer this.

  5. This is so horrific! I think the newspaper idea is good, publicly shaming them is always good. I would suggest that rather than go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau (as sometimes it takes a long time to get an appointment- they are very overstretched) maybe she should contact a disability charity directly, I would even go so far as to say that maybe she should make use of the free half hour consultations that some solicitors offer. My sister has had all sorts of problems with the DWP over the past few years too, they have no understanding of illness or disability. I wish your friend the best of luck.