Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Three different parts of life, crashing into one blogposting..

Hmmmm Three parts? 

Number One

OH yeah. The neighbour on the landing. I have looked after his dog SEVERAL times in past, due to a couple/ few of the stays he's had in hospital. The other day I asked Him if he wouldnt mind walking my dog. He DID mind. I had BAD COLD. And was shattered. And so I walked my dog. I think there IS a thing that really shows what people are like. That was It I think. Also His dog It barks a lot. And he DOESNT acknowledge that either. ((Rant over))

Number two

There was this: 

Your name has been provided as the contact person for your organisation in relation to liaison for future ****** ***** events.
I am sorry the  list has taken slightly longer to draw together than anticipated but after the ******* ***** meeting on xx/xx/xx you can expect to be contacted to help plan the next event.

AND yup, you guessed it, No List was attached

Number three

pizza gets cold too quickly

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  1. This reply was sent by Annie (via twitter):

    1) I'm alright Jack pull up the ladder,2) he will do it delegation dosent always work 3) look away from the screen Pizza to eat when hot!

    Thanks Annie!