Monday, 21 February 2011

My New Kettle

I first used the new kettle at 10.15am yesterday.
ON upacking it to actually use it -Initial thoughts was "where's the electric base?" then swiftly followed by "D'oh, its inside the kettle" 
It was to be First coffee to come from the water it boiled. Cleaning Cafetiere Was even necessary .......... The Coffee Helped me start the day.

The coffee, surprisingly, tasted like coffee. Didnt taste any different just cos it was a new kettle. Was secretly hoping it would taste all Super dooper and stuff cos of new kettle. Nope , it was same old, same old.

A Bit later on I had MORE coffee so I could distract dog with "But I still have coffee" before we were to trot out a bit later than usual (cos it DOES fool him) goodtrick. Cos the walk took us nicely to Dinner at a mates place.

The new kettle boils quicker than the old one. Is that significant? More? Or Less? electric used? I hope less.

And this morning I've *completely* forgotten the old kettle. My new kettle has its place now. and indeed it does boil remarkably quicker than the last.

How rapidly things change. Even in small details eh?

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