Thursday, 3 February 2011

Disappearance of a Nemesis

This Note contains strong language, 

well its strong for some. I only wrote this first bit incase you dont like the word fucking, or bastard. If you dont - please dont read on. 

Been looking a lot at various environmental area wide stuff, and yet this, though, is quite close to home.

At 10.40am this morning the final piece of the fucking conker tree I been trying to get gone? Went into the Grinding machine. The Conker Fucker is gone. Repeat gone.
3 fucking years that took me! 

1) It was dangerous slip hazards on a poorly lit path with leaves and husks for at least a third of the year, and hid light too when its canopy was fully leafed 
2) Bits kept Falling off it
3) Kids and Teenagers/young adults even lobbing stuff at it on a walkway path, PLUS lobbing conkers HARD at old and young alike, encouraging Very Antisocial Behaviour

Theres 2 other trees close by to go, and some "trimming" yet for the lads to do,  but I am so pleased that conker bastard has gone.

Was my nemesis was that tree. Now I need a new nemesis!

They did also do a bit of trimming to a Silver Birch too. (Minor in comparison!)


  1. Yay you, though I do kinda wished you could have saved me a few conkers for the kids as there are NO conker trees round here and so have yet to delight in the experience of getting a bit of conker in your eye as yours splits because your mates one on the string was in the freezer for 24 hours before he came out to play *no bitterness there at all, honest"

  2. I love trees :-( and Horse chstnuts are a special case too as they are under threat from canker and moth attack

  3. Well Carrie! The thing was causing yobs to use conkers as missiles. (and I wont go into a lot more of what used to happen in and around the gatherings of 15-16 people a time winding themselves up for whatever- alsorts of stuff went on)
    Plus in one season my kitchen window was smashed 8 times - they used to get into "Hurling Frenzies" - So now there's "nowt to throw" hopefully!

  4. And to @Tattooed_mummy - yes The Conker Tree Had Canker too. Was significantly dangerous in ALL aspects and HAD to go. But it took 3 years to get it gone.