Saturday, 20 January 2018

Small Blog, Big Point, Recognising PTSD and needs?

Okay heres a thinking thing.
UK doesnt really recognise "assistance dogs" for MH on basis of Them Being with you makes a huge difference.... Lets go further with this. Im more likely to go a place with my dog, than without. FACT. But there are many places you cant go with dog . More: I'd go more places if more places recognised need of having dog with.
The UK does this very poorly. in my opinion.
Does this make sense because I wasnt going to write a huge diatribe on it. But i can in two or three places here where they say No Dogs, actually pick her up and carry her in the place. And its allowed because Ive said categorically "Im Not leaving her outside"

Further thought... people WITH MONEY get to take their dogs far more places than those with less. So if a person with less cant spread far and wide with dog places as their effective area footprint is smaller, then thats when its noticeable in many places that few places allow dogs. If people say Plenty of places do, they may be looking at a wider area than those that definitely notice lack of places. 

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