Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Compromised by vandals

Back gate has been busted off nearly two weeks, had to be propped up to appear at least as a gate from a distance. I reported repair required , it took a few days and then they booked repair for 8th feb.
I stressed that it is an security , ish , issue. Standard response was "its not" .
But what is a gate if its not part of "defensible space"?

Plus i wanted to do some serious off lead training with my nearly 10 month old wonderful doggie. And with the gate not being a gate, and the dog being a terrier mix? not possible to use that space. And the reason that space is needed is recall training a terrier in other spaces without bounds....hmmm.. imagine that .

Sometimes i despair at lack of understanding. When i Clearly state why its an issue, and get "its a standard"

O I doubt if Their yard gates were busted off theyd leave it that long?

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