Monday, 13 July 2015

To Infinity and beyond! (Well actually, The opticians)

Went to Opticians today

To get tested. For new face binoculars .

Right so. 

Got £66.80 from NHS towards glasses. With a total cost of £288 Varifocal And Varifocal sunglasses was cheaper than transitions. If you work out the difference... Thats what i paid but had to use credit. 

Also got a referral to eye hospital cos they found some nerve shite or other.

Also didnt get the frames i wanted. Had to choose ones that were vertically deep enough for the varifocal lenses.

According to the really nice Optician "You have pretty strange fooking eyes. " ....Because we were chatting, as you do. Probably also cos she wanted / knew she was selling me stuff, thats another issue altogether though.

Because of the Specification ( combination of Prescription and Production ) they'' take 10 days to get made, meaning to all intents and purposes I'll PROBABLY get the credit bill before the glasses.

The glasses? Couldnt get the ones i really wanted, wouldnt take the script, as i said above so opted for these 50's retro ones...

They are 50's inspired in a range dedicated to the memory of The Late Jimmy Smith, 1925 - 2005 who was a Jazz Organist... that to is for you to find out about. Cos I'm good to you like that....

Any way

i'll have those, varifocal. and exactly the same , varifocal dark sunglasses. Which , was cheaper than ONE pair with transitions.

The new ones i wont need as much strain looking under or out of sides. Just point nose at what looking at and voila. Rather cool, or as someone pointed out "Niiiiiice"

And the Hospital Referral? I put that into the Doctor surgery, obviously, for a REFERRAL, cos a referral cant go straight hospital from Optician can it? Thatd be daft as a brush idea... Or would it? Theres a CCG issue you could, if you require , pursue if thats your bint.

(im really good to you arent I? Thats now TWO things extra you could delve into ALL IN ONE BLOG. WOOHOO!)

Ah. If hospital, once referral comes through, confirm opticians thoughts, I'll have eyedrops to do Every day in perpetuity. Hey Ho.

Now to think how to pay the credit card.... And the bills I have to pay. Back to good old smack in the face with #esareality .

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