Saturday, 18 July 2015

The one where I write to my MP re Caroline Flint's campaign Funding

I wrote...

Dear Gerald 
I write as i admire your statesman like actions on behalf of your constituents interests. This you are aware of already.

I note via Labour List website that you are supporting Caroline Flint for Deputy leader. 

Under my conscience I ask are you aware of the links to her funding of campaign by Lobby group, Sovereign whose clients INCLUDE Maximus . 

You have alluded previously to being not impressed, to say the least, with the broken WCA , which, is now ran by Maximus. 

Can you please explain why this link to Political funding is allowable as they (Sovereign) are lobbyists for a government private sector based welfare service contractor.
As well as this will this change your view of support? 

Its quite a disturbing link, I'm sure you might possibly agree. 

MP now briefed. 

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