Monday, 6 April 2015

Why? (complex. read between the lines)

Remembers the fact im two generations from the fight against fascism where LUCKILY both my granddads survived it . Remembers one of those grandads saying NO BASTARD should ever be in power. That was a strong belief he had. Since then my family fractured. My father was a cunt, even though he went military and was labour, he was a nasty man. But if i think of all the stuff thats happened , most of the bad stuff was because TORY DRIVES on a NON SOCIAL model . In this short diatribe you wont see all of whats happened to me. But when I wanted to firm my beliefs by reading of atrocities, my father beat the shit out of me for even having the books. It was a messed up time where people were learning how they should be. Unfortunately many empirical acceptances remained. And confusion reigned. Not least by the interjections of a thatcher regime. They say people arent having cards marked by the past. They are. Theres either acceptance "thats just the way it is" or "NO THIS COULD BE FAR DIFFERENT AND BETTER"
I want the latter. The evidence in THIS government of cloaked elitist fascism is there IF YOU LOOK. Thats why Im voting Labour .

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