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Regarding UN Investigation into UK

 Here we go.
Question raised
and its reply , REGARDING S.O'Brien appointment to UN / UN Human Rights Abuse investigation. 
For clarity , I thought. 
To My Mp: 
Hi Gerald,
I hope you dont this this is abject tilting at you for failure of you - because it isnt.
As a tenant of social housing on benefits and all this welfare reform as abject distain for social protection, i'd like to draw you to this point:
The PM of this nation PRAISED Steven O'Brien MP as a good appointment to the UN.
S O'B known as extremely vociferous over EACH person responsible for self, hardly a socially based representative to government.
You and I both know there is an investigation the UN is *supposedly* doing on the human rights abuses enacted by this current govt. I wont expunge further thoughts on this as i feel govt implicitly they are in breach of social contract and there is a lot being hidden in plain sight by these incumbents? And many self steered self interest fulfilling changes of law are occurring to the detriment of the people of this country.
I am not assuming here, i know you feel this.
I want to know UN investigation, and whether o'Brien can Hamper, delay , and avoid blame to current incumbents for their distain and mistreatment of citizens they feel are below them and simply not worth looking after.
The key part of any government is to look after its citizens, isnt it? I see every day Voted in people serving their own interests.
Do I include you in that? NO. Because you always recognise my voice, reply, and try your utmost for your people in the constituency.
I would like you in any way you can to find out what the UN investigation is about the Abuse Of Human Rights that this govt are engaged in , and I express my concern that a Member Or The Crew Doing This is now suddenly appointed to UN.
Can you please clarify this for me?

Many Thanks


And My MP, interim said I shall certainly look into this. 

He Did. 

His letter Transcribed :

7th april
...Following my letter to you 10th March i did, as you know, follow the matter up. I now attach a letter received from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Yours etc...

And heres Transcription of FCO letter from Phillip Hammond to my MP . 

Thank you for your letter of 10th March on behalf of your constiuent (Redacted) about the appointment of Mr Steven O'Brien to the UN .

Mr O'Brien has been appointed to replace Baroness Amos as the Under Secretary General For Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator with effect from MAY 2015. An Under Secretary General role at the UN is a key humanitarian role internationally and a vital position for the UK. It provides leadershipfor the uN, Red Cross, non-governmental organisations and governments during humanitarian crises. It also convenes humanitarian actors during "peace-time" to ensure the system is effective, prepared to respond, offers good value for money and has strong links to the development sector. 

The role is entirely separate from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights which monitors human rights throughout the world. The UK is a strong supporter of the work and independence of operation of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Special Procedures. They represent an impressive body of expertise on which states can draw to improve implimentation of their international human rights obligations. . They also provide an independent assessment  of states' human rights records and are an effective means of focusing international attention on violations of human rights. Maqintaining this independenceof operation is a UK priority, as is maintaining country focus for those states with the most egregious human rights records. The UN Special Procedures ( which tend to be in the form of Special Rspporteurs or working groups) are human rights experts appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to focus on the most serious country human rights situations or specific thematic human rights issues. 

(Redacted) mentions a UN investigation. The UK has a standing invitation to UN Special Procedures, several of whom have visited the UK in recent years. It may be he his referring to one of their reports. The appointment of Mr O'Brien will not compromise the independence of the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights in any way. -The RT HON PHILLIP HAMMOND MP

There was disdain shown at Special Rapporteur for Housing
The Tory Manifesto proposes removing Human Rights Act in UK, negating all importance that the respondent incumbent sent to my MP .

Now can you see the duplicity? I can.

Also , again, the well mooted/thought about/ known about UN investigation into human rights abuse in UK was brushed aside as "possibly one of their reports"

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