Monday, 12 August 2013

Would you take driving lessons from a drunk?

The title get your attention? Good. 

Its not about driving lessons from an incompetent and possibly illegal tutor
Its about being put through a system with glaring faults : DWP acknowledges serious issues with assessments and assessors. You can check that up, the info is widespread.
Heres the resl rub... 
So If ATOS so highly lambasted by DWP, BMA etc etc. Why do i still have to attend TO THEM before end aug? Surely efficacy is questionable?

Not only efficacy, but whole process. why I should attend under that environ, the whole thing is disintegrated, yet still operating

And if i were to state that as an objection to attendance, id be sanctioned. Thats really screwed up.

I know i'm going to be assessed and decided upon by some system and company thats complete failure mode. THAT ANNOYS ME.

Uncomfortable about it is a very tame explanation of how I feel on it.

Rant over.

Walking into a situation voluntarily like that would not be something ANYONE would consider, and yet its a mandatory demand.

UPDATE 31st AUGUST, The date of this supposed to be walking through a broken system, the system "Medical Services" (ATOS) ring me about 11am and CANCEL the appointment because "The doctor is sick" 

Yep, you couldnt make it up. 

LAST time I had the fortune of being assessed, ATOS gave me 12 points hence Fit For Work. 

The DWP phoned me to tell me this, and then paused. A killer pause. And said they had decided this wasnt the case, as ATOS had MISSED important info that was actually on the ESA50 form. And told me I was in WRAG. 
It took a couple of months and the assistance of my MP to find out what had happened.
ATOS had awarded 12 points, DWP "discovered" info had not been considered correctly, and awarded an extra 8 points, giving me 20. 
To this day, I still dont know what info was "missed" but an 8 point difference is a shambles. 

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  1. Agree. My wife, full time carer to our grandson [and me], herself disabled, has to go to an ATOS medical on the 30th.

    If they say she has to go jump thru the hoops of ESA then someone will have to provide a carer for our grandson and one for me to cover the time when she is not available.

    Good saving of money there!

    Funny how an ATOS doc report got her on Incapacity benefit in 1st place!?