Friday, 9 August 2013

Assuming Someone is drunk. They might not be...

Without any prejudice at all to the policing of a busy city centre

JUST NOW Seeing a tweet from GMP city Centre team: 

Patrols are on route to a drunk man in a wheelchair in the middle of Dale St, NQ refusing to move for motorists.
I retweeted It and also asked Them If He Was OKAY, as "Sometimes Illness can be mistaken for drunk."

Then it dawned, they werent actually there yet.

They didnt know IF he was drunk, or possibly ill.

Illness: MS is one....stroke another , as is dehydration, fatigue from other, organ damage, mental illness. etc etc.
Many illnesses can be interpreted incorrectly as drunk.

He also may have been distressed, and requests to move may not be the kindest ever made, also were the kerbs in that place where he was enabled for wheelchair easy use?

A tweet, I think that " a man in a difficult situation reported, we're on our way" wouldve been better, especially knowing the man was reported to them as in a wheelchair.

"drunk man in wheelchair" when they dont know cos not arrived yet is an inconsiderate tweet at many levels.

Acknowledge however, he may well be a twat, in a chair, who actually is drunk and obnoxious. But tweeting before they get there a bit off.

The City centre team responded.

Hi! I see what your saying but we've based the tweet off a member of public who spoke to him.
The man in the wheelchair was drunk & is well known to C/C officers he declined any medical assistance.
I totally agree and we're not judging but can only work of what we're told by the caller :)


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