Sunday, 31 March 2013

Where have all the emails gone?

There was a time, oh way back when, when emails never existed.

Some of you wont remember that.

But as they are here, they are VERY useful to brief feelings and info to people you may not get to have other access old school style.

That is the beauty of the email. The invitation to share.

Where there was no share before.

Am i being histrionic in my favouring email as a focus in this blog?

I dont think so.

Theres a govt introduced system called E-Petition...... which is VERY VALID.

I do remember the time before that when ONE email could change a whole process by its relevancy.
I do remember emails QUOTED in parliamentary debates i watched.

The age of the e-petition is welcomed.

But there is a personal briefing to anyone you want to talk to getting rapidly forgotten, before people realised how important it could be.

Now remember, the GOVT introduced e-petitions. As people were waking to the power of briefing people via email. And thats nrather fallen back as a tool, but has been observed, and advised to me, as probably the most effective method of communicating feeling, objection etc.

Oh yes, you get the STANDARD email back . Thats been said to me many times.

It takes one email to hit a spot, as opposed to 100k sigs on a petition to then be considered for debate.

I remind people here emails are not the dodo you think they may be.

However, I do support ONE e-petition at the moment. As it is taking a multilayered approach.

I wish, with this post that you see the link above, click and sign that e-petition.

But where have all the emails gone?

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