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Please Mail your MP to Get The Homes that were Southern Cross taken into Local Authority care.
This event is Supported By John McDonnell MP

----- Example of what you could say-----

Dear(Name (mp)

With the demise of Southern Cross there is a number of Care homes that have Uncertain futures to say the least.

The Government has DEFINITIVELY said they will not allow anyone to become homeless as a result of the Demise of Southern Cross.

In all decency these Homes should go into LOCAL AUTHORITY control.

However With All the Council Cuts and so on, this would appear to be near on impossible financially for Authorities to undertake.

So we ask for an urgent action to consider Financially Enabling Local Authorities on a needs basis dependent on the homes within their area.
This enablement to be for a sustainable operation of these homes and not leave the Local Authority with ANY shortfall in the care of these vurerable residents.

Yours etc
Name Address.


Please share this event & please do mail your MP as a matter of URGENCY

Just before raising the event I asked would the group be able to help in any way. John McDonnell said "Yes.This would be really helpful. We need to campaign for local councils to be resourced to be able to be able to intervene."