Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Too many Sites want Latest Flash Player... etc

Okay where do i start with this.

Do you see this far too much? >
(or similar)

Flash. A player that has universal appeal. Unless you dig deeper.

Flash doesnt work on many mobile devices.

On PUTERS: Many people are still running legacy operating systems on older kit because the KIT they have is capable of operating.

Too much obsolescence and preferential access exists.


Theres ways to view content without flash. But if you dont make that available, by frontispiece of looking at the kit / browser and saying flash you have or dont have isnt good enough - you are selecting a priviledged audience.

Flash isnt the only way to show stuff.

I know that theres an aggressive progression in kit sales/ os/ access/ etc.

Weve arrived at a time where I personally think the old model of only the new stuff is valid should be killed.

For the last few years IVE had to run older kit , as There Are Tough Choices... (its even a certain political party rhetoric, although for other reasons)

Society is enhanced, and people are enabled by access to web and sites.

So why when people struggling with NOT THE LATEST kit - THEY HAVE KIT- cant experience what others with MORE money can, then I personally think thats arrogant for an industry thats fastly becoming an essential in even the poorest peoples lives.

To ignore legacy kit older systems, and even not provide mobile android access which is growing rapidly as an access route, is wrong.

Now who will take this vision up? Im often proven right ahead of stuff when i write and a year or so, or months, whenever, it comes out later as SOMEONE ELSES idea and i'm ignored.

This is a real situation. People need to listen.

If only because it affects this writer, and a lot of people i speak to. 

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