Saturday, 11 October 2014

More thoughts on fairness.

I was thinking on fairness as I quite often do and give you this..

In the Uk the average salary is £26500 pa , even though we know this is distorted average due to some very high city salaries. I won't explore that. I'll take that average as a comparator.

Then look at MP . CURRENT BASIC SALARY BEING £67060 pa , rising to £74000 from 2015.

And think.

Non MP on average salary ...
Most have to find their transport, food , child care and many things from that salary.

Many of what average salaried people have to find from salary are not having to be found by MPs who get those items many times covered by Expenses.

And yet they have £40560 more money than those on average salary. Rising soon.

When you look at that.... Is it fair?


  1. "average" isn't a good comparator. Given you can fairly easily beat £60k as middle management in any big London based Corp, it's hard to justify less for those running the country. YMMV

    1. It is when talking of fairness, and at the moment inequality is at a shockingly high level. If a corporation chooses unfairness that's a corporate choice. It shouldn't be so for public representatives signed to Wednesbury principle. Under that fairness should fully be considered and discussed.

  2. So because a corporation does it it make unfairness ok anon?