Saturday, 27 September 2014

Shenanigans. And stuff..

It may have come to your attention in the past that I've mentioned my illnesses...

Well also since 6 th of July
I've had a broken femur and several broken bones in foot.

The recovery phase is the most frustrating thing I can think of as it's eclipsing everything I do.

I'm off wheelchair, away from airboot and under hospital physio instruction.
And crutches.

And when they said 6 to 8 weeks in a&e ..... I knew somehow they were probably talking only of bone knitting estimate.

The cost of this to me has made several bills late or unpaid. Taxis aren't cheap on limited budget.

And the deterioration of tidy in the flat? That's a said thing. It has gone.
Everything is structured for can I reach it? Do I need it? And if I've used it do I need to put it away or would that mean difficulty when needed again?

Fatigue? Yes from the illnesses. Also the drain of pain from injury is shattering.

Do people see all this? No.


They see crutches. And me. When out. And that's at a highly planned mission each time. More so than normally.
They see the interfaced determination. Not the difficulties.

Why am I touring in writing what most ill or injured people know?
Probably because people need reminder, as often they sit in the "I'm alright jack" zone. .

And after saying everything and yet nothing, I close.

*grabs coffee *,*swallows painkiller*

Excuse my rambling.

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