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Report to the Labour Party by the Disability and Poverty Taskforce April 2014

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Breaking the Link between 
Disability and Poverty

Report to the Labour Party 
by the Disability and Poverty Taskforce
April 2014

This ground-breaking report was launched today 24 April 2014. Alas it has been said the Labour party, who commissioned the report, will not be promoting it. This leaves disabled people to do the promoting themselves.

This blog post today is soley for promoting this report.

Below are tweets I (vsocjustice) sent today outlining the report in brief. I (vsocjustice) also created a pdf version specially for those who wished it. Here is the link. DOWNLOAD FROM FOLDER

Breaking the link between Poverty & Disability - report by Bert Massie #disability #poverty Apr 24, 2014 
Bert Massie & his Poverty Taskforce says DLA/PIP are not doing the job. There needs to be a third element to these #disability benefits 1/2 Apr 24, 2014
2/2 The mooted Disability Costs Allowance will accurately reflect its purpose & would comprise elements for mobility, care & general costs. Apr 24, 2014
Massie's Disability & Poverty Taskforce also say the 20 metre limit imposed by IDS should be removed and made 50 meters once again. Apr 24, 2014
Massie's Disability & Poverty Taskforce says more effort should be made to give disabled people their rights and better access to justice. Apr 24, 2014
Massie's taskforce: There should be investment…a sea-change in employer behaviour on recruitment, development & retention of disabled people Apr 24, 2014
Joseph Rowntree Foundation: “The effect of removing DLA & Attendance Allowance from incomes is to double the number of people in poverty" Apr 24, 2014
Massie's taskforce: Disabled people’s financial status also makes them disproportionately vulnerable to financial exclusion & exploitation > Apr 24, 2014
> that can further erode their capacity to escape poverty." "Disabled adults…twice as likely as non-disabled…to live in persistent poverty." Apr 24, 2014
"Other European countries…Sweden, Iceland, Estonia, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany all achieving disability employment rates above 50%" >> Apr 24, 2014
The employment rate in UK for disabled people's significantly lower than in many European countries according to Bert Massie's task force. Apr 24, 2014
Massie's taskforce says: "Disability is expensive. Disabled people experience both an income penalty & a cost of living penalty: they are > Apr 24, 2014
>likely to face complex barriers to getting & keeping a job…be unable to work or…work full-time; they have costs…non-disabled people do not" Apr 24, 2014
Bert Massie's taskforce report on Disability & Poverty is in .doc format only. Ive created a PDF version: Apr 24, 2014

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