Friday, 18 October 2013

Ever asked "Am I wrong?"

Last blog i did was about realising people lose stuff. Real Lives. Affected by sickness and disability.

There are a few of us in this nation that can see quite clearly that we need to stand, suggest, do. Its tough when All the people doing it themselves are doing it at person cost, and cost to health.

i do.

I have had four emails recently saying "Are you okay" like that meeting you were there but looked very tired, not well, affected by what you are doing.

I just had a chat with another campaigner who said dont just hear your body, listen to it.

I suppose I really should.

Its hard to do.

And when I blogged what people have lost, it was hard to write. I cried. Ive lost stuff too.

And as I type this, I have an open tab, and read another plaintive plea for a wake up within a sanitised non responsive pressure driven system.

If people can think enough, then we can change things.
If they dont engage what can people like myself and others do of any worth?

I would like you to read this and comment here. THIS needs reading > AM I WRONG?

Comments here are open. feel free.

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