Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Broken Britain Charity Single

Via Sonia Poulton

The song: Watch BROKEN BRITAIN Charity Single

Buy it here from 20p: Click AND BUY IT HERE

Sonia says... 
Britain is in the grip of austerity and the vast majority are suffering. This song is to raise awareness for those who are on the sharp end of David Cameron's Coalition.

Artwork by

My daughter, Shaye, wrote 'Broken Britain' in December 2012. It was in response to the austerity measures being carried out by David Cameron's Coalition and against some of the most vulnerable people in the UK.

It made sense, therefore, to see that any profits received from the sale of the song should go towards helping people in need.
So it was that we decided on three areas: homelessness, food banks and research and awareness of invisible illnesses, and we began to compile lists of suitable recipients.
In order for the sale to help as many as possible, it is vital that all benefiting charities fulfilled further criteria: they must be independent, small or community-based, they must not have political affiliations and they must not charge people for their service.
I was keen to avoid charities with religious links – mostly in terms of food banks and homelessness – but that has not been possible as it is primarily religious organisations that appear to be helping in these areas.
Here, below is the BEGINNING of our list of charitable concerns. We are adding to it all the time. These are independent bodies whom we consider are doing their level best to conduct themselves ethically and morally.
Obviously we cannot say how much each will get – that is down to how giving people want to be. We plan for this to be the start of many charitable fundraisers.
If you have a charity in mind that fits the above criteria, please let us know.

Sonia is on Facebook and twitter , if you want to contact her about other charities/ promoting the single .
ALSO This is part of wider action : 
WOW Petition asks for a cumulative impact assessment of welfare cuts 
Heres the link you can click to read and sign that 

VIEW and SIGN WOW Petition  <<<CLICK 

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