Monday, 9 April 2012

A Blog about.......

Living on own has its issues.

The other day I nearly c h o k e d on a paracetamol.

No assistance.

No one thinks of that when they think of single people do they?

Now I should really blog and blog on this subject, but, I'm sure those
with their own minds can see pro's and cons of living on your own.

You could comment with your own issues if you like?
I'll raise a glass on my own and toast myself for this incredibly
insightful blog piece then.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Jules, I am glad I have found your blog.
    I meant to contact you because tweeter is useless for long communication. Did you see the LIMA handbook, not sure it was not uploaded before, but it is the first time I see it, and there are real issues with this manual. I have forwarded it to Margaret McCartney, the doctor who wrote to complain to the BMA about Atos. I went through the handbook very quickly, but I can see this IT programme is not fit for purpose. Here it is:
    On a different matter, is there a kind of common address for all the people, disabled or not, fighting against Atos ? I am finding frustrating to not have one contact point where I can send information and where all information could be gathered.
    If you want to contact me on my email, take my name and surname, one word, add 12, no space and
    Have a good evening
    (a French person who does not forget that Atos is an IT company, and that emails can be read).