Thursday, 20 July 2017

I try and share , when i can , helps and advice ive done

I try and share helps and advice ive done, when i can.
Its not always appropriate to do so Some are intensely personal to the person Im helping. So you can understand why i can't share quite a lot of helps and advice i think.

Heres one i can share , after its helped me, and several ive referred

This card has helped me . Be responsible with it. It can assist you repair bad credit history . Dont use it as a Big Loan Source. Use it wisely . Remember it can damage you if you dont be responsible. Use it, as a pay a bill, and then pay it back immediately, or shopping on line , as credit card protection will exist from that on purchases, on line AND in shops. Make sure you pay it back asap. It can greatly assist you, if used correctly.
Heres application, if you want. 

Be very responsible, and it can assist you greatly. If you arent you will not benefit from it.  

Talking to some re twitter alternatives

This is my opinion.

Several ask me ... arrrrrgh twitter isnt right for me but i still want twitter, so ... as its a recurrent question..

For phones on browser, rather than the twitter app, or web twitter. load that in phone browser. 

Can use that on computers too . 
Nice interface. Not as mucky as the twitter. I say not as mucky as the twitter? some have said the twitter is a becoming less easy to use as interface? This one is quite easy. 

Also theres the plume app on android and tweetbot app on ios . If you dont wanna use the phone browser, all get rid of, sort of, the twitter foibles.
You can but try.

General user Interfaces ... (GUIs) . are sometimes problematic for people, so these options i state are my opinion of stuff to try instead of twitter, for twitter. 

Generally i use tweetdeck and tweetbot, dabr certainly was a go to for me many times in the past and will be in the future too. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Pasta In A Rice Cooker? Great for spoonies. tip here.

pasta doubles in volume when cooked so dont put too much in. 1 cup dry will make 2 cups cooked .

Add water to cover the pasta plus about a centimetre above the pasta (you can do al dente pasta by just covering the pasta, its a trial and error to how you like it) ((cos its PASTA))

You can add a small bit of salt if you want. I dont .

And because it foams when cooking you should add couple of teaspoons of oil of your choice. That'll stop the foaming .

Lid on. Set cooking .

Couple of stirs while cooking keeps it separated .

Also try not let it go to warm setting else itll brown on the bottom.

No big pots of water. Cheaper to cook , seriously AND doesnt make the kitchen like a sauna (great in summer, well anytime really) . And theres no draining needed either. Very handy .

Monday, 19 June 2017

Tragedy, by Adam Lotun

Like many other people, I watched with horror and dismay at the events of last Wednesday and since then I have been chocked every time I think of people leaping for their lives and parents throwing their children to safety in the hope that they may survive.
The stories of videos made by people saying goodbye to their families was soul destroying.
Out of this horror and destruction, a think of beauty bloomed into life.
People of every creed, colour & faith appeared, some carrying bottles of water, other carrying clothes, whatever was needed has been provided.
People have travelled the length of the Country, moved into action by this tragedy.
There was no hate, no blame, just HOPE.
The Public moved mountains and have raised money.
The Government has shown how poor it's leadership and understanding of the will and mood of the people, by doing far too little too late.
Yesterday May promised money and grants, but the amounts mentioned were surpassed by the crowdfunding and actions of everyone else.
I grew up in the 70's, and I was at Earls Court when the IRA attacked there, I was at Hyde Park when the IRA attacked there to.
Behind my home in Kingston was the Conservative Party Office and where Norman Lamont had his office, and many a night we were roused from our beds and evacuated due to bomb scares.
When my family moved into Kingston, we were told that we were the first non-white family to move into Kingston.
I have faced racism and bigotry and fought every step of the way to get where I am now and along the way I looked, and watched and learned what was right and moral.
Whenever I have heard negative comments about how London and the UK have become a Multi-Cultural Juggernaut, with claims of ghettos and communities being insular and skinheads and gay bashing and P*ki bashing and negative thoughts towards inter-racial couples.
My family are Muslim, but I have no faith, I just never understood religion I suppose, it just never happened for me, but I respect everyone's choices that they make in their lives.
Regardless of what I have seen in my 54 years, I have never been more impressed and moved by the Society that I am a member of.
I am not able to hike it over to Grenfell Tower to help out in any way, as I would probably be in the way more in my wheelchair, than be of any practical use.
My heart wants to do more, but I can only do a very little in this response to this humanitarian crisis that we have seen unfold over the past few days.
I remember a song from when I was growing up, I know a lot of people will know it immediately they hear the opening bars of the tune. Anyone who has learnt to play a guitar has probably learnt those cords and I feel that it is the most apt piece for this situation.
It goes by the title, Streets Of London, and I am moved by the line(s) - "Let me take you by the hand and lead you through...."
I keep reciting in m,y head, "let me take you by the hand and lead you through MY streets of London, and I'll show you something that will make you change your mind"
This tune was also in my mind when I heard about the Bombing in Manchester, and I thought"...MY streets of Manchester...."
The attacks and acts of violence on London Bridge and Borough Market area, again made me think of "....MY streets of London"
This one song and one evocative line is apt for any Community.
These are MY streets, YOUR streets, OUR streets, Nationwide and this has been shown by the random acts of kindness that we say spring into action on Thursday Morning.
Just as there were random acts of kindness and heroism at all of these recent attacks and disasters to befall our Communities recently, as they have done in the past.
I have seen so many things that have saddened me in my 54 years, as well as seen far more things that have swelled my heart with pride and made me feel privileged to be a member of OUR SOCIETY....
I just wanted to share these thoughts, and who knows, maybe Simon Cowell will use that song for his Charity Single, maybe people can sing this song when our gatherings and calls for explanation to help us understand what has befallen us all and we are trying to make sense of things, as they did yesterday afternoon at the Council Offices near Grenfell Tower.
I fear that an innocuous spark could lead to major unrest as we are confused and scared and grieving for what has befallen us all recently.
As I mentioned earlier, I am not able to be there, but I would proudly lead anyone to there, "....TO MY STREETS OF LONDON....", ".....TO YOUR STREETS OF MANCHESTER....", "....TO OUR STREETS OF BOROUGH....."
This is MY Country, as it is YOUR Country, as it is collectively OUR Country....we must protect what is YOURS, MINE & OURS.
We have all bee privileged to see the start of something new awakening within OUR SOCIETY.
Something awoke during the General Elections, there is a HAPPENING around US, the air is CHARGED around US, let US EMBRACE what is to come, not with fear or loathing, but with HOPE.
Remember, this is MINE, YOURS & OURS and we must make the best of what is to come.
If you've read through this monologue, thank you, if you agree with my sentiments and want to share it, please feel free to do so, if you take offence or umbrage, then I offer my apologies and that was not my intention.
HOPE belongs to ME and YOU and US ALL.....

Adam asked for the share of this, so i have . Jules. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ludicrous PIP Appeals

Okay i help people. Others do too, on lesser or more levels.
A friend of mine Rich has asked me to relay a PIP appeal situation and its ludicrousness.

So i asked Rich what he would like posted ...

His words are here , edits in brackets or indicated

These (comments and post)  to me remind me of the way the nazis behaved against "undesirables" and it sickens me and really upsets me.

Ok simply in august he was called into a dwp assessment. The woman who did it lied about a few things. Firstly she said he was (capable of) carrying boxes, he bloody well wasnt . Then she said he went out daily. Also not true as if I want to see him I either go there or we pick him up. (meaning not able to go outside)
As the (initial) judgement was based on lies he appealed. First appeal they turned him down but then decided to adjourn so he could be given the chance to provide medical evidence and social worker and mental health reports (something the DWP omit, often in the process)

(and then)

Then there was today which was a chat about his issues and how it's like to live and (how to achieve) a good out come. His medical evidence was about 2 inches thick and the judge and doctor were having none of the dwp (swear word deleted but it was quite severe)

And my thoughts, (Says Rich) this procedure is inhumane and adds un needed stress to those least capable of coping with the anxiety and stress of such grilling and disbelief to their disablement.

Me: I think this is yet another example of undue stress, taxpayer cost, and putting people under positions as if they are criminals to fight to JUSTIFY what they've already said in truth. Its as if honesty doesn't exist in the eyes of authorities for disabled vulnerable people. And this is something that has disgusted me for years.


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Playing your music library hint .

Reminder, little help hints i give ever so often .
If you play your tunes from itunes, you get better *much better* quality output playing whats on your itunes through VLC , clarity, tone, and levels.
Same goes with Windows. Windows media players are worse than you can imagine when compared to VLC
VLC is available for mac AND windows.
Keep adding your music to the library you use. Play through VLC

Now onto music on the iPhone... if you hate the constant do you wanna subscribe to apple music and find playing from phone library cumbersome, theres a player, called Ecoute. i use that and find it ok.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

So Windows 10 wifi issues...

windows has a proprietary driver for wifi.

This fails.

It is always BEST to install the manufacturer of the machine's wifi driver from the manufacturer site.

Stay away from all the driver fix/ driver update programmes, they are full of their own agendas and issues etc. Bloat/ malware risk etc etc .

Once thats done .... and the correct driver is in place.

Theres a useful video i found here > Windows 10 wifi issues.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

The one where I moan about bastard physics


Last night on doubleglazed , vented windows.

As advised in these temperatures: heating on. WTF. only living room and bedroom got the condensing.
Kitchen and bathroom never "Got it"

Urrrgh. Never had it since theyve been in 5-6yrs?

Pain in the proverbial I must be balancing the heating wrong or just being on a relatively exposed promontory site and "Its gonna happen" but it HASNT before, and the windows arent Broken.

 All rater perplexing, ....
were temperatures from 1 degree outside when went to bed suddenly switched waaaay lower? to minus 72? thatd do it, rapid temp change , but it wasnt, it was slow slide down in temp yesterday outside.

bastard physics

The balancing of flat? I did find ONE window vent closed, dont know when i closed it. That could be the culprit. We shall see.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Some Comms thoughts , maybe?

if you are an org with a front facing twitter, resolve there not signpost to phone call or a link, or anything else, the initial side if strong enough should be THERE, not elsewhere. Clear descriptions and resolutions CAN be achieved on one media, dont ask people to swap to another. Unless.. of course its TOO COMPLICATED.On twitter you'll find often, it isnt, and theres the DM channel that works very well.
And so dont take people off where they are comfortable with AT THE TIME. use that and accommodate from the place they are. Email? stay email, facebook? stay facebook, see.. etc etc.
And if someone wants phone, give them phone option. Make it the audience not you.
Only a few people will actually get this, ive tried to simplify it as much as i could...
I dont think telling people not on your site when engaged "go to site and do this" when you are already engaged can be seen as anything but a Put off & further complication. So essentially if engaged dont break that engagement, carry it on, if at all feasible to do so, else you disrupt the engagement and get distortions.

I think thats a thing called Meet them Where They are, but i could be talking "marketing" or "bullshit" depends whos reading.

Digital inclusion isnt just enabling people to interact digitally on YOUR terms. The Digital OFFER, should i say, doesnt now simply mean "go to our website and do this" its much bigger now.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Joined Up-ness?

So. The doc's havent GOT a letter, that I HAVE got. FFS.
Also Docs HAVE written to hospital over renal concerns. Nothing from hospital back on that in what about 6 or 8 weeks, possibly more?
This isnt joined up is it? and some people wouldnt be ABLE to manage their own conditions and whats going on where.
This is evident in several i am helping/ have helped.
Joined Up-ness to coin a phrase, is not a great thing in NHS in my experience and that of others , more so more recently.
How can this be solved?
Either have an advocate who can monitor and chase stuff, or fix the NHS laggyness. Possibly with a Case manager for each person?
I asked macmillan for someone to join up Anti-co-ag/Cancer/main urology functions etc for someone. THEY cant . And each Doc/consultant is at a loss on what we mean by Join-it-up too .
This is a concern.
It concerns me that others mightnt manage as well, miss bits of stuff out, and not get the plan they need...
Anyway. Thats a view from here.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Does This help Anyone..

If you need mac's

Heres two opportunities, wont be about forever obviously

MacBook Pro 13.3" 4GB RAM 320GB A1278/2011
can easy put to 8gb ram, 4 is enough... i have one for sale at £490. postage £25 quid

And i know a company Upgrading and they have about 8 avail at the moment of the

2009 A1342 white ones ALL WITH 8gb ram...working superdrives.. for £350 each? and all on elCapitan.
Each one, 25 postage.

To get these before they are gone, youd need your payments via paypal see helpfund button here ? only on payment can i send.... When you paypal, i see your address on the payment, or should do! And then its all sorted out from there.

OR add a note to yur paypal thing if you want it delivered to someone else?
All options.


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Busy bodies and insults.

I'm trying to calm down here. Seriously.

The most insulting thing has happened to me JUST now.

Here goes.

I was walking the dog, decided to tie him outside shop and pop in and get some stuff quickly.

Whilst in and paying a woman was running round with a big dog of dog food, shouting someones tied a dog outside that looks like its starvin to death.

I didnt know she meant MINE. But i thought has someone else tied theirs outside too...

There was no other dog tied out front. So We were leaving along the front and she runs up to me with this bag of food " Here this is for the dog hes starving"
Me its okay he has his own food, thanks.
"No take it Im a christian- your not feeding him"

Three others went Aww she's right look at his THIN LEGS..

At which point i said

"He's 14 yrs old, a cross breeding gave him his look , and he's never been fat.."

She tried to remonstrate.

I didnt catch what she said. But i replied

YOU dont know how much or what care I give this dog You know nothing of his history and i find this incredibly insulting.
And i turned back on her and walked away, with MY DOG, THAT I KNOW ALL ABOUT DOG, THAT DOG.

The three others close by were going "She's right though, innit thin"


NEVER DO THAT TO ANYONE> It made me look a cunt to more than those 4 people.

Never fucking assume stuff. Not like that.
That was disgusting and unnecessary.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Explaining the JulesHelpFund Button on this Blog

Okay, some of asked for explanation of it.

Im less financially able to help people who cant cover my costs associated with helping them, so people are being unhelped. at least by me when my costs arent covered.

Theres a core, i ended up behind with my own bills, by my failure to recognise exactly what harm that little bit here and there could add up to.

Took advice.

The result? If people cant cover a fiver, a tenner, or whatever it costs me to help , then i cant help.
And i have stuff to repair from not having that rule.

So that button can repair my situation, and can help people too simultaneously.

I wont put amounts here, cos thats not who i am or why this post is made.

So even however cryptic this is, it is a help fund, so i can continue to help people .

And im not hiding the fact either that it will help me too. IT WILL HELP ME TOO. but that must be balanced, by more of my own small income can be spent on my stuff, my repairing, and my stuff. Essentially not causing the same issue as before.

I hope that explains.

And ... can you help?

Theres another route that i see if you help me on a thing I need to do for me over and above all that. Click This one if its purely to help me , suggested amount set, but you can ammend that accordingly >CLICK >>>

                                                 THIS One IS purely for ME.

Vote for me, or I will refuse to recognise your Vote?

These last 2 weeks have uncovered to us, the normal ordinary Labour Voters and Members, just how morally bankrupt and corrupt the Parliamentary Labour Party became under the Blairites.

We now know that the PLP as a general whole, has no love for Democracy, in fact some of the 172 MP's plotting against Corbyn have openly sneered the democratic choices of Labour Voters. 

We also now clear that the Blairites swamped the whole of the PLP with people of their own kind, right wing extremists posing as socialists.  They are nothing of the sort.  Their actions these last two weeks prove that whatever integrity they once possessed has long ago been sacrificed in the pursuit of their own mammon and political ambition, for what else can explain the collusion of 172 MP's, over a ten month period, to act so aggressively against the direct wishes of The Labour Party's own members?

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Poem number XX but not XX but still...

"Smashed, 2 years 1 month and 1 day,
from today.
It wont go away
but what do they say?
Make it
shake it
break it
Do they know the score?
Do they really care any more?
Listened to my story
Which is not full of glory
So they all go away"

Reluctantly, I was told i should blog this... So here...

Inner Conflicts.... 

Not liking Saturday crowds.
So someone knows i dont like saturday crowds.
Invites to pub.
I say What on a saturday? HOPING they go d'oh, of course there might be too many people...
They didnt.. they said
Come on, it'll be quiet....
I said thanks for asking, id rather not.
Was i rude? nope.
Did i say fuck off?
Hopefully they understood.
They might not be Remembering i was assaulted , on a weekend 2 yrs ago, well on a friday, which is weekend crowd anyway. That does stick in mind... but hey. People go MEH.
But going ... its also perpetuation of someone im NOT, inside.
Thats the bit that gets me. every time. Im not going.

Saturday thought, from Jules.

This is a saturday thought, from Jules.

When you USed to have people willing to assist on difficult things.
Like putting that BIG telly in a flat, like moving stuff about, all inwards to the place...
And then you DONT have the assistance around to get those things back OUT of the place and disposed of years later, and theres a collection of stuff that needs GONE.

And when someone visits, and says... Why is there that stuff there..its easy to get rid of...

But it isnt.

And then they think you are hoarding crap and say so.

Them sort of people offer no solution, but criticise. without the thought that its not always possible for someone to do on their own.

Does this make you think about condemnations YOUVE done to anyone?

Does it resolve you to help more?

Im not sure it will. But there. Thats a thought i had.

Its not always about STUFF either, it could be ISSUES people have. But then thats extending the thought further and thats not the intent. This is a thought piece. For you. Not my job to think for you, is it. Nope. *Fin*

Youre welcome.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Some views on Brexit, by Jules

The never before evoked article 50 of Lisbon treaty is getting a huge amount of whats possible or not speculations. Any laid procedures regarding this, havent been tested as efficatious (how DO you spell that word?) or indeed in any practical way.
Last night I deliberately stopped watching BBC Dimbleby steering it as all the fault of Corbyn ,in disgust, as Corbyn had honourable and correct position IMHO.
And so the pundits such as Dimbleby, lead to Bandwagonning opportunists to rise and say ignore the labour membership wishes for who is leader, usurping the partys own democratic election, which was far more democratic election than the conservatives.
There is a thing where scapegoating as a word comes to mind. Those hoisting upon Corbyn, i believe are projecting their own inadequacies. But those doing scapegoating, i suspect include many of the labour brexiters, if not all the labour brexiters anyway.
Now, theres probably at least 2 yrs and a quarter, until the exit where virtually nothing will change, the casino bankers are messing with livelihoods and currencies worldwide.
At whose feet does this lie. Let me begin a bit on that.
One : Media/ right wing. Fuelling dissent and hatreds, i think you know in what areas.
Two: Media: In allowing a non MP of a right wing party to have such a huge platform for so long.
Three: Cameron. And the Conservatives, for pandering to this, and allowing the media to create a populist position to exit. Surmise the reasons yourselves.
Four: Campaign lies from Brexit/ Leave. Two main of their promises can never be fulfilled, namely the NHS spending promise, and the Immigration promise.
Five: Regional Economic Neglect by this Government fuelling a lets kick the establishment focus, rather than a national interest focus, in swages of the population.
Six : relatedly, the failure to address escalating inequality in UK demographics..which, by all reasonable looking at is down to the Conservatives
Seven: Conservative manifesto promise, to have a referendum, laid at Cameron's door, as leading that election manifesto, presenting it, and further, allowing it to happen.
So I leave this really quite unfinished piece with
This situation CLEARLY isnt anything to do with the Right Honourable Mr Jeremy Corbyn, MP, And Leader of The Labour Party. It may have something, and no doubt it does, with the abject deference by some in the party to blairite principles of new labour, which , the membership had wholehearted rejected by electing Corbyn to Lead the party.
Their disrespect, and their reticence may well have contributed to all this.
Surmising. The Raising of a No Confidence Vote in Corbyn has no justification in my opinion, other than to satiate the needs of some to feel "blameless" within the party.
Well, I hope that makes some sort of sense.
All the best. Jules.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Helpyland ... That place where shit happens..

So Gary, who has MS, 18mnths ago was to have an operation , 
went in for that and Not What he went in for was done, 
and that didnt work, 
and in july has what shouldve been done 18Month ago. 

He feels he has a negligence case if july "works" when the other didnt, because if july works on what it should, it shows , in his mind, a negligence, someone I know will write it all up, I'll assist, and we'll seek legal on it. I
F JULY works on the thing its supposed to. 
This is complex.
Them, Another, and I, will present best case and seek legal on it.